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LUCID 14 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress Review

lucid-plush-14-mattressLUCID 14 inch memory foam mattress isn’t a picky guy and works very well with bed frames of different brands. Of course, that doesn’t void strict mattress warranty. You don’t have to use LUCID bed frame. This thick mattress consists of four layers, three memory foam backed with 8 inch support base. Plush yet supportive setting brings owners benefits, waking up without soreness and stiffness. As you know, it’s imported and made in China but it’s not that kind of “made in China” quality. Its excellent durability and quality have been tested in the USA and get CertiPur-US certification. Nearly 90% owners weren’t disappointed and you neither. However, mattress is always a personal item and it still received some complaints. Let’s find out all the good and bad.

Mattress Warranty

mattress tagWhen choosing mattresses, people always spend much time on researching on density, ILD, thickness, foundations, covers and some other aspects. Many people don’t pay attention to mattress warranty or just ignore it. Some may not agree, “I didn’t and I know my mattress has 20 year limited warranty.” But if you ask them, “what does your 20 year limited warranty cover?” They more likely can’t give an answer. This post is going to show all details about mattress warranty and eliminate all uncertainties on thoughts. OK, let’s start.

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

lucid 12 inch gelIf you spent some time researching on mattresses, you must know standard memory foam mattresses have two primary common issues all customers are most worried about, heat retention and fresh odor. To address the excessive warmth issue, LUCID changed foam formula and infused gel beads into memory foam. It works and lowers temperature on surface of the bed. Besides, it has additional layer in center for air flow. LUCID sells their mattresses primarily on Amazon and their own websites instead of local retailers. Therefore, their products have much cheaper price due to factory direct sale and low marketing fees. LUCID 12 inch gel memory foam mattress is an outstanding mattress with hundreds of high reviews. However, it’s still not perfect in every respect. Read our review and find out why some owners dislike.

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress Review

Zinus mattressZinus is a new challenger at cheap end of memory foam mattress market. Their mattresses always cost less than other brands like LUCID, Best Price, etc. Some brands are too shy to allow us to know who is behind products. But Zinus isn’t a secretive company. It’s a South Korea brand with primary factory located in Xiamen, southeast China. They manufacture comfort products related to bed including mattresses, foundations and pillows. They created and own three mattress brands, Spa Sensations, Night Therapy, and Vivon. Actually, they’re manufacturer of Sleep Master, which is also entry-level memory foam mattress brand. Zinus’s strength is their mattresses contain more green material less chemical ingredients. Green Tea feature they emphasize is they add green tea extract to memory foam formula to deodorize bad smell.

Best Price Mattress 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

best price 8-inchBest Price Mattress 8-inch memory foam mattress is really best price you can get for the similar mattress. You will always find their mattress, foundation, and frame showing up in top positions when you click sort by price low to high. This mattress is cheaply sold not cheaply made. It has three layers, comfort layer, air flow layer and support base. Most 8-inch memory foam mattresses have only cushion layer and support base. The additional ventilated cool foam gives the mattress better breathability and air circulation. That said, people aren’t inclined to sleep hot. Best Price Mattress 8-inch also got CeriPUR-US certified, which means it doesn’t contain any harmful chemical substances and it’s safe to you and your family. Like other brands, it has a long term warranty to cover manufacturing defects. But this mattress isn’t perfect. Let’s uncover all good and bad.

Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress Review

Sleep MasterLow price competition is fierce in memory foam mattress market. Sleep Master memory foam mattress is one of most competitive products as the price is cheaper than opponents. It has all that other cheap mattresses have. It conforms to body shape, provides enough support and relieves all pressure points. Sleep Master also sent their memory foam to Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam to get CertiPur-US certification. Mattress with the seal contains no harmful substances. It’s safe to you and your family. It has unique feature different from other brands, called BioFoam. Its formula replaces 20% fossil fuel with plant-seed oil and uses green tea extract for odor control.

Memory Foam Mattress FAQs

FAQs1. Does memory foam mattress cure back pain?
2. Is there an odor to memory foam mattresses?
3. Can I use an electric blanket or pad?
4. What is the ILD for the memory foam?
5. What is the difference between the 10-inch and 12-inch?
6. What is density and how does it affect the comfort of memory foam?
7. What is Gel Memory Foam?
8. Where is memory foam made?
9. Is memory foam sensitive to temperature?
10. Will memory foam make me hot?
11. What foundation should I use under a memory foam mattress?
12. Do I need buy a memory foam topper?

DynastyMattress 10-inch CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

dynastymattress 10 gel mattressDynastyMattress is a high cost-efficient brand different from the competition also targeting low priced memory foam mattress market. They keep looking at those name brands like Serta and Tempurpedic, and produce similar mattresses to expensive ones. Actually, nearly all DynastyMattress beds are pricey brands’ cheap knockoffs. It seems they’re very proud of themselves as many customers did compare their mattresses with ones value of several thousand. This 10-inch CoolBreeze gel memory foam mattress is an excellent replica of Serta iComfort Genius. It’s also a firm mattress with four layers and infused gel beads called Sleep Cool Technology. Let’s find out if it’s a right choice for you.

Memory Foam – High Density or Low Density

high density foam handprintAs far as we know, the density is one of few most essential factors affecting how a memory foam mattress works. Different brands or mattresses use different density foam. You will find 2.5 – 3lbs/ft low density or 4 lbs medium density foam in cheap mattresses and 5 lbs or denser foam in expensive ones. This post is going to show more details about difference among all three density ranges.

1. The density has much to do with memory foam durability. Generally speaking, high density memory foam mattresses have a longer life and serves 8 years on average, while 4 lbs or less have relatively short longevity, 4 – 5 years on average. But please note a particular mattress may have different performance.

Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Review, 12-inch, 10-inch, 8-inch, 6-inch

signature sleepSignature Sleep is one of the cost efficient brands and always has more competitive price. Their successful low price strategy boosts its sales super a lot. In the past two years, Signature Sleep memory foam mattress has taken up first place in bestsellers from a new comer nobody knows. Although the price is cheap, some owners compared it to expensive names like Tempurpedic or PosturPedic. To be honest, they’re not in the same league. But what owners mean is they’re very happy with it. We can’t ask for all from a memory foam mattress that costs only around $300. It does have a few advantages like minimizing noise and movements, removing pressure points, etc. but there are still some downsides we need to talk about.