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Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress Review

Zinus mattressZinus is a new challenger at cheap end of memory foam mattress market. Their mattresses always cost less than other brands like LUCID, Best Price, etc. Some brands are too shy to allow us to know who is behind products. But Zinus isn’t a secretive company. It’s a South Korea brand with primary factory located in Xiamen, southeast China. They manufacture comfort products related to bed including mattresses, foundations and pillows. They created and own three mattress brands, Spa Sensations, Night Therapy, and Vivon. Actually, they’re manufacturer of Sleep Master, which is also entry-level memory foam mattress brand. Zinus’s strength is their mattresses contain more green material less chemical ingredients. Green Tea feature they emphasize is they add green tea extract to memory foam formula to deodorize bad smell.