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About Us

Hi I’m Wayne Brown. is built for those who suffer from back pain like me and still searching for effective solutions. I will always remember that night. My wife and I slept on a brand new spring mattress and hoped for a sweet dream. In the middle of the night, a sharp pain stabbed at upper back close to left of the spine. I didn’t know why because I had never had back pain before. I fell asleep and woke with a dreadful pain a few times. Next day, I went to see a doctor and he told it was caused by working habit as I was always sitting all day. That made spine and back fatigue. He gave two choices, change job or mattress. I chose to change mattress for low cost. I searched high and low, then ordered a 12-inch memory foam mattress. Before received package, I tried one night on the spring, still a sleepless and painful night. I gave up and spent two nights on couch. When the memory foam mattress arrived, I can’t wait one more seconds to lie on. After watching the magic expansion, I finally slept on my savior. Totally different feeling! First night passed and YEAH no pain. I knew it didn’t solve my back problem because that area feels different from others around. It seems numb and not as sensitive as other areas on my back. Anyway, it removed my pain and I have sound sleep. It’s good enough.

In the process dealing with my back problem, I searched a lot on internet and learned a lot about mattress, especially memory foam type, what foam density means, how much thickness would be good, what difference between gel infused technology and open cell, which type foam feels firm, etc. I put all I know about into reviews posts on this site. Hope High Rated Mattress help you buy right mattress for yourself and save more time on research.